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The allure of natural stone flooring for your home

When homeowners truly want an unrivaled elegance and sophistication in their home, they choose natural stone flooring. With a lifespan that is nearly unmatched in the flooring industry, you’ll enjoy the attributes of this material for years to come, with the same great look. With proper care and maintenance, these floors can maintain their new look for excessively long periods of time, yielding all the benefits you’re looking for when you choose to research this floor covering. Be sure to take the time to learn even more about this amazing material.

Dollar Tile is pleased to serve the areas of Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Kyle, all from our showroom located in Buda, TX. There, we offer an extensive selection of flooring materials and products, as well as services that bring your project together quickly, and always to your specified standards. We enjoy honoring our military personnel and first responders with a discount of 5%, and the lowest possible prices for everyone. Feel free to stop in and see us, to find out how we can help get your own flooring process started right away.

Natural stone flooring facts for you

The benefits of all natural stone are well worth the investment to have them installed in your home. For instance, many homeowners appreciate the fact that there are no chemicals or toxicants released into your breathing environment from these materials. Considered a green building material, stone is an excellent choice for those who want to alleviate the possibility of waste products that are created with manmade materials.

In stone flooring, you’ll want to pay special attention to the absorption rating, which tells you how porous the stone is. The more porous, the more susceptible to stain that material will be unless sealed very well. Non-vitreous ratings mean that the flooring is very absorbent and should not be used in any area where dampness could be an issue.
Natural stone flooring in Round Rock, TX from Dollar Tile
Semi-vitreous ratings mean the stone is less absorbent but will need more maintenance. Vitreous stone is the standard absorption level in which the flooring can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, in average foot traffic. With an impervious rating, you can feel confident that absorption is almost nil, and these floors are much easier to clean and maintain.

Be sure to speak with your flooring specialist about the necessity of professional installation with natural stone flooring products.

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